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Outreach 16 Sept 2023

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UPDATE- I am now one scope/Astronomer down.If you don't plan to go tobthe SWAMP, please consider helping a girl/group out and Volunteering your time/equipment

Attention ACAC and NEFAS who do not go to the SWAMP.

We have a homeschool group that has booked us for an outreach on Saturday Night, 16 September at SJC Fairgrounds. I initially heard the group could be about 100-120 attendees, and this morning it has grown to possibly 200.

With that said, we could use all the volunteers and their equipment as possible. Whether you use a scope/binoculars or an astrophotographer, we need your help. I have also enlisted the assistance of a friend/his scope and possibly another to provide start tours. But more are needed.

Remember if you track your outreach participation, you can submit it to the Astro League for an award, and ACAC is also holding a contest for outreach participants.

Please consider lending your time. If you can assist, please let me know

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Wish I could help but unfortunately I have a prior commitment.